The Chemicals at Eighteen o Five

The Chemicals at Eighteen o Five

Group show at Eighteen o Five Gallery

The Chemicals:  A partial medical history

Tonight, Saturday the 12th, 1805 Columbia St. at Elm, in Little Italy.  Opening reception at the gallery will be between 6:00 and 10:00 pm.  A new intaglio print series, The Chemicals, will be installed along with paintings, drawings, and monoprints by a group of emerging artists here in San Diego.  Come check it out!

Work in progress

This is a rough draft of my next machine – a machine for taking pills.  It is about halfway through the process:  the design is set, decisions about what the parts should be are made, but the parts themselves are still being worked out.  So this is past the concept sketch, and into a preparatory stage.  This one’s being squirrelly, though.  More challenging than anticipated.

New web site launched!

Hi and welcome to my new web site! This has been a long time coming and thanks to the help of this wonderful guy named Lukasz Machon, I finally got a web site. This is my first step on a plan to go to grad school. This site is evolving so check back often. Thanks!