I am a native of San Diego, CA, living in Boston, MA.  I have a BA in Art from the University of California Santa Cruz, and an MFA from Boston’s School of the Museum of Fine Arts & Tufts University.

I believe in play and kinesthetic experience.  I believe we exist in an ever-shifting constellation of systems; systems of power, systems of health and non-health, systems of touching and not-touching.  I am interested in the tools we use to navigate those systems.

Art is a process of identifying a question, then working it through to give it flesh. I make objects that are questions, objects that want to be played with.










As no one lives in a vacuum, here are some of the people that have had an impact on my art practice.


My mother, father, and sister, all of whom are makers of things and askers of questions.

Jennifer Parker teaches sculpture and intermedia at UCSC.  Her work can be seen at

Dee Hibbert-Jones teaches sculpture and public art at UCSC.  Her work can be found at

Richard Wohlfeiler teaches printmaking at UCSC.

Katherine Perry teaches photography, book arts, and intermedia at UCSC.

Megan McMillan

Barbara Gallucci

Mags Harries