I like thinking about tools - what they are, and how we use them to shape ourselves. Some tools are obvious and external, others are subtle, integrated with our biological systems. I like to play somewhere within that range of brushes, razors, and chemicals.

A machine that swallows ibuprofen

The Chemicals

Medical Molecules

Ear Cleaning Machine

Cleaning an ear.

The Chemicals at Eighteen o Five

Group show at Eighteen o Five Gallery The Chemicals: ¬†A partial medical history Tonight, Saturday the 12th, 1805 Columbia St. at Elm, in Little Italy. ¬†Opening reception at the gallery […]

Work in progress

Pill popper ahoy!

New web site launched!

Hi and welcome to my new web site! This has been a long time coming and thanks to the help of this wonderful guy named Lukasz Machon, I finally got […]